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tl;dr the game I had Otogi in closed down and also I have to rewrite some things but!

The gist of this guy's AU: Otogi Ryuuji from Yu-Gi-Oh! DM (manga...ish), in a world where pokemon and duel monsters both exists. He takes the role of the protagonist from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue/Red to an extent, and one of the biggest changes on that end is that the Gen V pokemon are included in the ranks.

As the protagonist, he's naturally forgotten his DM life while retaining his personality for the most part. Speaking precisely in what it means for him as a Zorua, he's able to shift into various forms, but he cannot mimic their voice, and he cannot hide his tail. In fact, the only reason he can even begin to adopt a relatively human stance is because he still remembers the fact that he was at least 'human' at one time.

If you have questions, let me know here--things got busy though so I couldn't edit all the posts right off..........


Feb. 3rd, 2012 09:21 pm
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 How's My Driving!

He's a pretty weird AU after all...

Oh, I'm interested to hear any comments/questions/complaints on how the pokemon are played as well as Otogi himself though! Feel free to say anything!
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Out of Character Information

Contact: AIM- 'usagisquared' | Email- 'tali_eefi@yahoo.ca'
Current Characters: Yuuma Tsukumo
Do you need a Dreamwidth Invite? Nope~

In-Character Information

Ryuuji Otogi (Prefers Otogi)

YuGiOh! Duel Monsters AU (Crossover with Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team Red/Blue series. AU described here)

Between the Chestnut Quest and Rescuing Alakazam. (In YuGiOh!'s case, it's post-canon.)

The AU is in the link above; you can find his history in there as a result, but for a more 'canonical' resource, here's his Wikipedia page (keep in mind that Jonouchi has been ERASED from this Otogi's history, and that his backstory is based on MANGA introduction instead of Anime)... And a link to the Mystery Dungeon wiki page on Bulbapedia.

While relatively the 'same' as the canonical Otogi, this one's a little... Different.

This is largely because, as per the 'rules' of the Mystery Dungeon protagonists, Otogi's memory is almost thoroughly wiped clean. Strangely enough, he has snippets however; fragments of memory, such as knowing what 'Domino' looks like, or what duel monsters are...

But he can't pin any names to any faces, and in fact does not actually know if the form he takes is his real one. For the most part however, despite his lack of memory to give the traumas which so heavily shaped his original self, he's retained his 'charm'... He has a very attractive personality, and knows his way around words quite well.

He's clever- and he's observant, a trait that was only enhanced by work with the rescue team back home. Otogi takes what he sees, and he works with it to his advantage. He's overall much more expressive, and even optimistic than in canon however. A part of this is due to the pokemon nature; as a zorua he just... Happens to feel more mischeivous about things, more likely to pull a harmless joke and chuckle about it from afar.

He likes to have fun, really. And that's good- it takes his mind off the worry he has about not knowing who he was, and about what will happen when and if he 'returns'. He can be quite distant during those moments of thought, and overall quite depressing really. Which brings in a large and highly important part of his personality, and more importantly the reason why he became a zorua in his world to begin with.

He hides the negative emotions. He hides any trauma, and hides any discomfort whatsoever if he feels it will become an inconvienience. If disturbed, he'll cover it with a more positive subject, or even pretend to be unaffected. He might try and turn the tables of the conversation on the source of his troubles even- the point is however, his charm and charisma is not always the real Otogi- and in fact, it is only recently, with the realization that he is in fact not the source of any form of chaos to the world, that he's been smiling for real again.

As it is- he's got a bit of a 'nobility' streak thanks to his time on a rescue team, and has a habit of running into things that are a little out of his league if his blood is boiling or his friends are in danger. Otherwise, thank goodness he actually bothers to plan things out most of the time.

Upon entering Unova's entralink, a curious thing happened to Otogi- his Zorua form reverted... Mostly. In reality, he's still a Zorua, and in fact, he can't actually speak the human language (so he often either plays mute or speaks pokemon instead)...

But his illusion is locked on 'human'. In fact, observant people will notice he still has the tail that would typically give away an inexperienced zorua in 'shift'; but no matter what anyone tries, he cannot use his powers as a pokemon, and he cannot shift back into his normal form..!

Perhaps with luck and practice he'll figure out something basic, like 'fury swipes' or 'mean look' granted, but otherwise he's quite stuck and in quite the predicament.

It doesn't do anything, since mystery dungeons aren't present in Unova, but Otogi still has his badge- in fact, it's dangling from his ear where the die earring would normally hang.

Yes he will show his badge to other pokemon.

Yes he will still tell them he's part of a rescue team. It's all very interesting.

Also, try explaining to him that a person can have six pokemon 'on hand' at once. He'll be so confused about it thanks to the Mystery Dungeon team limit of four...

Starter Pokemon:
Golett (Funnily enough, it's the same one he had before being turned into a Zorua; it never evolved, and still has memories of Otogi as he was, so despite the lack of power he's quite... ...Well, depressing given the circumstances. He refuses to tell Otogi that they knew each other BEFORE though.)

Writing Samples

First-Person Sample:

[Otogi seems to be... Trying. To converse with his Golett.]

Say something? Anything? [Frown] You're a pokemon aren't you? How come you won't talk?

[. . .]

...-hahhhh-... You know I never had this much trouble with my last partner. Is it because I look human? I'm really not you know. Well. [A cough.] Not any more...

[The frown deepens.] (Really, there's no time for this kind of thing, I need answers...) ...You know, this really isn't improving your image at all.

[More silence... And then the Golett blinks.]

...Hm. Sorry- was sleeping...

. . .oh. [Apparently Golett sleep standing.] (Food for thought I suppose...) ...Nevermind then.

Third-Person Sample:

"HRN-~!" Otogi awoke with a start, eyes wide and breathing short. "Rn... Nnn..." The first thing he noticed was the sky. He wasn't inside the team's base as he normally was, with sunlight coming through a few slits in the windows. Instead he was sitting on grass beneath the clouds, hands on his l-


He jumped, examining himself with  start. "Hrn-ERF!?! (What..!?)" Hands, legs feet... He even had clothes, but he was already able to tell that THOSE weren't part of the illusion. He could feel it in his bones, this wasn't completely right but-

Otogi swallowed, holding his head. This... Was like no other dream he'd had, that was for sure. Alone, in a field... And human.

Human again, he should have been happy but he wasn't, because it wasn't the same... It was all just an illusion. His tail was still there- the sign he'd spent far too long like this, but he couldn't turn back, and he knew this...

The teen slumped, sitting back on the ground and looking around with a dull gaze. These were supposed to be his hands... So why..?


He blinked, looking back up. "Eh..? Golett..?"

The golett blinked rather listlessly. Apparently I'm your partner...


It was about when the Golett pointed at the bag beside him that he realized the situation was all just a little worse than he'd thought. Though he at least made the personal promise not to use any pokeballs on his current 'team partner'.

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It is important to note, for this AU, that despite the addition of pokemon the cardgames have still become a highly important part of the world. Pokemon battles happen of course- but as with anything, there's more than one hobby in existence, and with an almost nuzlocke way of life putting a heavy risk on pokemon battles in question hardly anyone fights that way anymore outside of a friendly spar. Licences for pokemon are heavily regulated- full out battles even more so, and it could take months to enter any of the gyms in this world.
But there's something curiouser about this world... To start, it was once a dreary place. A place where, while life went on, terrible stories of endless death, and of water that never flowed filled the air. And the fact was, a majority were true. Unbeknownst to much of the public, time did not flow properly as it once had. Water came from heavily recycled and drained springs deep below, food was grown with a synthetic sun...
And then suddenly the world wasn't like this at all. The world was 'normal', with a cool breeze blowing and the sun rising each morning, and the events of various card tournaments and the like happening without end.
But one of the humans of this world felt that something was... Missing. Or perhaps, someone. He couldn't put his finger on it- but it felt almost as though he was suddenly missing a friend that had always been there, and when he asked his other friends about this, he could tell that they felt the same- but they refused to address the issue, unable to cope with the truth.
The fact was, their world had been frozen in time and darkness both, for many years. And while the pharaoh of Yugi's millennium puzzle had moved on, he had returned, so to speak, in a new life later down the road. After the Ceremonial Battle, cards became somewhat... Secondary for a time. Whether out of respect or out of grief who knew, but the non-duelists of the group were more than happy to teach their friends the ins and outs of a pokemon battle, and in the end pooled their money to buy the less well off of the group his own starter.
A treecko... Whose name, strangely enough, escaped him completely. This treecko would eventually evolve into a Grovyle... and then his partner would, after chasing of after the running pokemon in the night, vanish completely...
'Jonouchi Katsuya' was the name of that trainer. He had awoken an ability known as the Dimensional Scream, an ability that as tied only to 'time gears' in their era. With this ability, he and his partner had been entrusted with restoring the balance of time...
And through a series of events, they did. But Jonouchi had an 'accident' as he fell through time. He and his grovyle were attacked- and as a result, he lost all memory, becoming a pikachu. He thus had to travel and relearn a great deal before he could fulfill his fate... And it was during that time that he became quite attached to another friend he had made. Originally, he had been restored to his timeline as promised...
But he could not become human again. So, seeing this gloomy fate that had befallen Jonouchi, Dialga chose to pull his entire existence from one line into another- the one named 'Jonouchi Katsuya' would no longer exist in the time he had been born..!
...And thus, a void in memory was created.
But one evening, Otogi Ryuuji would catch a glimpse of that grovyle that Jonouchi had so carefully looked after. And like the last time, he would follow it, curious as to why the unknown pokemon had caught his interest.
He would find himself intruding upon a meeting of Legendaries- and they were not at all pleased about the intrusion of a human. He was captured, and taken to the side- and while he heard nothing but grunts and snarls, the words of the pokemon came more or less to one agreement. The sight of their beings was not one so easily removed from the mind of a human, particularly a human whose bonds had surpassed even the severance of time- there was no choice...
He had to be killed!
But one among their number intruded- one among their number told them there was another way, and it was with a brilliant flame that the pokemon 'Victini' floated forward on tiny white-gold wings. Why should they turn away a solution that has walked so easily into their midst? If they, as 'Legendaries' were unable to properly intrude upon what was about to threaten their planet, then why not use the human?
Discussion filled the air- and in the end, Victini's words had done their job. And so the pokemon turned to Otogi, sending a mental wave of power through his being.
'I have spared your life human, even if you will not recall it. But do not forget the reason for which you have sacrificed your life. Your curiosity is not unfounded. He lives, and is in danger. Go now- fulfill what is impossible as human or pokemon, and succeed in what is only possible for both.'
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PIXIV, I LOVE YOU eventhoughLeonawastheonetofindit
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It goes up to the point where Otogi was pulled out, but note that there ARE differences; Gardevoir is 'assigned' Otogi by 'Victini', who turned him into a Zorua in the first place.

Of course, since no one knows this, it hardly matters... (Other changes were made within the plotline, such as Zorua being mistrusted, or Gengar destroying the team's base and Otogi's house.)


As bleary as it is, Otogi's 'last' memory, at least within the pokemon world, involves a voice asking him questions... And then blacking out.
When he woke up, it was to the worried cries of a pokemon, a petilil; upon insisting that he was, however, not... A pokemon... They quickly corrected him.
Otogi was a Zorua. He gots over this shock alarmingly fast though, and when a frantic butterfree passes and begs him to save her caterpie, he's plenty distracted with doing that.

Upon saving caterpie, the petilil gave him a place to live, since Otogi apparently didn't have one. It's a rather nice house. Also- the petilil is named 'Shizuka'.

Shizuka then asks if he wants to form a rescue team... (THERE IS NO ESCAPE-.)

Following this, and a night of sleep, comes the first real mission; saving magnemite. After doing so, Shizuka decides to show Otogi around the town nearby, where the bulletin board of missions and assignments can be found as well.

One random mission and a dream of a faded voice later and a Dugtrio invades the home! He wants them to save his son. They do so, with the aid of the two magnemites they helped. However, when Magnemite is offered a position on the team he has to decline; there's nowhere for him to stay nearby. OH WELL.

Following this, it's time to go back to bulletin boards; on the way back from the post office to check for new missions, Otogi and Shizuka both watch an argument between Shiftry's team and Jumpluff, who requires his help; Shiftry initially refuses... Until Alakazam and his own team appears, and convinces him otherwise. ...As the Gold Rank team passes though, Alakazam seems to give Otogi an odd look...

At any rate, it's back to the missions. There's a brief altercation with the blatantly named 'Team Meanies' ('It's like they aren't even trying..!'), but otherwise it's business as usual...

Until Jumpluff comes to them for aid. Shiftry never returned from where he went to save Jumpluff's friend; and so, with nervous preperation, Otogi and Shizuka both go to check things out.

What they find is the shaken second Jumpluff... And Zapdos..! He thinks that Shiftry caused the storm winds to run amuck and awaken him... And so, he takes Shiftry and tells those present that if they wish to 'complain' about it, then come to Mt. Thunder..!

Back at home, the situation is recapped... But Alakazam's team overhears. They warn Otogi and Shizuka endlessly on the power of Zapdos, the 'Thunder Bird', but neither will have any of it- they insist on making a rescue attempt!

And so, they set off... Scaling Mt. Thunder and battling those who attempt to stop them, they come to the top...

And they confront Zapdos. They fight and fight- but they are clearly out matched. As they knock Zapdos back however, they have a split second to make their case before the bird smites them on the spot; Alakazam's team appears however, prepared to tackle Zapdos...

But Zapdos has had enough. He is 'calm' now. And he returns Shiftry- he is impressed by Otogi and Shizuka's actions. 'Things won't be this easy next time' he warns though- next time they meet, he will go all out; for that reason, they had best hone their skills..!

Zapdos takes to the sky after that; Shiftry is, as promised, returned. As they speak however, Alakazam's team mates congratulating Otogi on his 'above zorua level strength', Alakazam speaks.

'Perhaps... You aren't a pokemon, are you?' Otogi and Shizuka both are amazed that the Psychic could tell. But it's the truth after all- and they confirm it. The others, also, are shocked- but the fact is, unknown as the reasoning is, it's true...

Perhaps if Alakazam was able to tell this however, he knows how it came to be?

Sadly no. He knows of one however- And he tells them to make their way to the Hill of the Ancients. There they will find the Pokemon that stares into the sun all day... He who sees into the future and past at once- Xatu.

But first, time to head home! Time to rest..!

The next morning, it's off to the Hill of Ancients. Otogi asks Shizuka how she can always be so happy- she responds that it's because she's helping others. (...kay.)

Getting to the Hill, they manage to catch the (odd) Xatu's attention... And right off the bat- 'You are... Human, yes?' Asking how he knows, the bird explains.

Xatu stares at the sun, unblinking all day. It gives him the sight of all things.. So quickly, Shizuka asks if Xatu can explain the hows
and whys of Otogi being a pokemon.

The most he can say is that it is tied to the upset of the world's balance, the uprise of calamity in the world. 'They are tied together. Inseparably so.' But when they ask why, Xatu clams up; there are worse things, suppposedly. 'The world's balance... It must be restored. Or the unthinkable shall befall our world.'

'Everyday I see it. The same fate... I dread it... I fear it... The world's destruction.' This is all they get from Xatu... But they aren't the only ones listening...

Gengar drifts away, unnoticed...

It's hard for Shizuka to be all smiles the next morning, but for her sake Otogi puts on a positive front despite unease. This doesn't last long though; because when they get to town, a crowd has developed.

They're talking about the 'Ninetales Legend' of being cursed by grabbing a Ninetale's tail... How it's apparently true. They tell them to go ask Whiscash about it- and so the two head to the town's pond to do so.

The legend says those who grab the tail are cursed for 1000 years... And that was just what someone did. A human. But as the curse was cast, a pokemon named 'Gardevoir' sacrificed herself to absorb it...

Taking pity on the gardevoir, the ninetales then asked the human, 'Do you wish to save Gardevoir?' ...But the human had already fled in fear. So ninetales predicted... 'one day, that human will be reborn as a pokemon... And when a human becomes a pokemon the world's balance will be thrown to chaos...'

While Whiscash takes their silence as awe in the tale, the partners are both struck cold by the words- no rescues today... No one's in the mood...

They both go home and sleep. And that night, the voice in Otogi's dream begins to take form...

As a Gardevoir. She's so glad to finally meet Otogi- But before she can say how she knows Otogi the dream fades... And Otogi wakes up. Which leads Otogi to wonder... Was he the human in the legend..?

Before he can say anything Shizuka mentions a commotion at the square- and when they get there, everyone has gathered. The shops are empty; everyone crowds around <i>Gengar</i>. Gengar reveals what he heard on the Hill of Ancients; drawing it out until he points to Otogi- and claims him to be the intended target of Ninetales' curse..!

And as someone without memories of that life, Otogi cannot deny it... And it does not help, that Zorua are so rare and mistrusted.

The others are convinced. Kill Otogi, or the world is lost. With no other choice, Shizuka and Otogi flee...

Otogi tries to explain- what if he was 'that human'? Well Shizuka refuses to believe it and leave him to fate. 'You didn't remember what you were like as a human being did you? So you don't know what really happened! I... I believe in you, Otogi.'

Team Alakazam appears at that moment. The Town held a meeting on what must be done- the consensus is the same. Otogi must go.

But Alakazam cannot fight them now- his conscience will not have it. 'We will give you tonight.' Pack everything and run- run as far and as fast as they can for the town will not rest until they are gone. They must run until they uncover the truth... For there will be no mercy until they meet again.

Otogi and Shizuka move to run- and as they do, the Caterpie from before appears to see them off; Alakazam's team and Shizuka are not the only ones who believe in Otogi after all; so make sure to come back safe..! The jumpluff as well, and Metapod... And the diglett they saved. All of them come to see them off as they run...

There's even a letter from Pelipper, the mailman wishing them luck.

The journey began- around enormous fissues that tore the earth, fields set ablaze by forest fires...

Until they arrived at a place called 'Lapis Cave'. The cave would force their path into an impassable mountain of fire.

Mt. Blaze. And atop this mountain they would meet Moltres, the fire bird. Enraged at the trespass onto his lands, and moreso that the lands were 'screaming in pain' he would attack- but forcing him back for a brief moment they would make their case... They would protest that they were not the source of the volcano's ruin, that the rest of the world was in just as much chaos!

...He believes them. But he lets them leave only after they swear to find the source of these troubles and stop them. 'Do not forget the courage you showed in facing me...'

The journey continues, long and hard... Pushing them north as pokemon of all sorts hound them- until eventually they come to a forest coated completely in ice.

Articuno's lair. An absol stands on the path toward the clearing...

But he vanishes without a trace just as soon...

And when they get to the clearing it is assuredly not Absol who greets them..!

The flow of icy wind has faded... The forest was chilling to Shizuka and Otogi, but it was not cold enough..! And as with Mt. Blaze, Articuno appears and accuses the intruders of manipulating the winds..! Articuno refuses to let them pass further into the woods... If they wish to do so...

'Very well... But only after you have defeated ME!'

The battle is harsh... But somehow, they manage to push Articuno back for a brief moment; the lack of cold has weakened Articuno enough to allow such... And while the bird prepares to come to his feet to attack again, Shizuka pleads their case for passage.

But Articuno refuses- they have brought 'heat' to the forest..! Snow, for the first time, is beginning to melt..!

Shizuka protests- they haven't... As with Mt. Blaze, it is a part of the world's slow descent to chaos and ruin.

Articuno snorts- they expect him to believe this? Before he can attack, the absol from prior comes between them...

Absol explains that the two are telling the truth. As a pokemon with the ability to sense natural disasters, there is no lie in their words. The calamities around the world are of a tisted nature, one not 'normal' in anyway... It is not just the forest.

Articuno relents; however, he allows them passage on the same conditions as Moltres; they must prevent the calamities from spreading further. The duo promise this; and so Arcticuno leaves so the two can continue on.

And in the meantime, the Absol elects to guide them forward; 'I will join you- to put an end to the calamities, cooperation is vital.'

And so they headed further north...

Through dark skies and deep snow...

Where, at the base, Otogi collapses in an exhausted dizzy spell.

In his sleep, he hears someone... Gardevoir..?

Blearily opening his eyes Otogi can see the spirit- To the others, he is hallucinating. But the spirit tells him. 'Ahead, is the jagged mountain range topped by Mt. Freeze... Inside its peak, you will find Ninetales.'

Ninetales is waiting. 'But be careful,' the spirit warns as she fades... And suddenly, Otogi finds the strength to pull himself up, protest...

And finally, elect to lead them to Mt. Freeze. Shizuka is elated at the chance to clear Otogi's name. But Otogi wonders if it'll only cement the rumors...

Regardless, they can only move forward, scaling the mountain...

But when they reach the peak, no one is there.

...And Alakazam and his team close in, having followed  them this far. ...And they will show no mercy.

The battle begins. But just as things begin to get serious-

'CEASE THIS AT ONCE!' Ninetales appears.! As the others marvel about the truth of his existence, Ninetales growls a ceasefire once again... And he explains.

'These... Are my guests.' Ninetales does not care if they consider his curse legend or not. Just that they know it happened; he did indeed lay a curse on a human... But that event is neither tied to the destruction of the world, nor tied to Otogi. It was a completely different person he cursed that day.

The duo are filled with immense relief- Shizuka can't even move she's so relieved; though she very quickly demands an apology...

And they receive it in full. But Ninetales is still unable to explain just why Otogi himself became a pokemon. Worse, an earthquake strikes... 'The earth's crust is shifting... Worse; it will awaken the beast that embodies the ground... The beast that slept deep underground...'


Team Alakazam elects to go and prevent Groudon's awakening; Shizuka and Otogi as well volunteer, but are refused; 'rest... You deserve it.'

And rest they do. Well... Mostly. It's business as usual, so the team goes back to making rescue missions.

...And after a while, Otogi has another dream. Gardevoir appears, clearer than before, though still faint. He has many questions for her now- why does she appear in his dreams?

'As an agent of spirits... I must watch over you. Because that is my role now.' She is cursed to have no form in reality; to live as a spirit for 1000 years. And yet she doesn't mind. She doesn't hate her former trainer... 

She enjoys her role. 'Just as I have my own role to play... You, too, have a role to fill... You have... Come here to perform a certain task... And for that reason, you have taken this form...'

Otogi wants to know more, but before he can get an answer an earthquake strikes- the dream is interupted... And he wakes up.

The next morning, the duo is approached by Wynaut and Wobbuffet. Wynaut asks if they could do a favor for them; handing them a notice, it's revealed that the favor is to deal with a problem concerning a band of mankey in the woods; so, taking the mission they go to do so...

The mankey as it turns out are very easily enraged; but after laying a smack down on the three, it seems things are dealt with...

Except they follow them out afterward to destroy Otogi's house..! ...At least. Until they spot the 'reward' they received from Wynaut...

A peeled chestnut. They have troubles peeling them themseves it seems; so Shizuka gets an idea. In exchange for supply of chestnuts...

They refurbish the house, which was ruined by Gengar's gang while they were on the run. So they set off..! With some rescue missions to pass the time, the house is put together.

...Needless to say, it's a great shock when they come back on the final day to find it looks like a giant Zorua head. (But hey, it... Definitely advertizes for the rescue team...)
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The circumstances Otogi (Or 'Paws') is under while in Unova are just slightly different from when he's in the world of Pokemon. Rather than being unable to remember anything of his human life, he has some very very foggy memories of it, along with the memories of his  time as zorua

However, while he can remember his escapades in the Pokemon world, those foggy memories of everything else are more than just foggy, and the fact is, he actually has a bit of memory trouble regardless of the mindset as a result.

As it is; he's got a strange bit of knowledge around him, and it's all very messy; as a 'punishment' for retaining some bits of those memories, he's got a very foggy head when it comes to a majority of his human life before age sixteen.

That is to say, anything more than a single year prior. OH YOU~ Actually, this part gets a bit interesting; while he obviously retains his personality, and knows what all of the others look like, he can't remember which name goes to which person (rather, which face) in his mind- in fact, he can't remember what he looks like. And because of that, he actually tends to doubt his current appearance; is it really his? Or is it someone else's? Who knows really, but he can't turn back to find out..!

On a side note for those curious, Otogi has been pulled out a short bit after the Mt. Freeze dungeon (Meeting Ninetails in other words), and last remembers getting a house in the shape of his head.

As yet another note, certain liberties have been taken here in regard to items; the items from Explorers Time/Darkness/Sky exist in this AU despite it being Rescue Team Red/Blue here, as it happens after the fact. The RANKINGS however are the same; since it's not part of the guild, neh?

670 - Otogi Ryuuji (Zorua) - 17

 - Silver Rank

Held Item: Mobile Scarf (worn on head)

Level: 29  - HP: 70/70

Attack:   51      Sp. Att: 60
Defense: 37      Sp. Def: 40

IQ: ***
Next Skill to Learn:

Foul Play - 15/15 - Dark/Physical
- The user turns the target's power against it. The higher the target's Attack stat, the greater the damage.
Scary Face - 10/10 - Normal/Stat
- The user frightens the target with a scary face to harshly reduce its Speed stat.
Fury Swipes - 15/15 - Normal/Physical
- The target is raked with sharp claws or scythes for two to five times in quick succession.
Faint Attack - 20 - Dark/Physical
- The user approaches the target disarmingly, then throws a sucker punch. It hits without fail.


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